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Welcome to Kenya Live TV, your premier destination for a diverse range of entertainment and educational content. Whether you're looking to stay updated on the latest news, enjoy live TV and radio broadcasts, or delve into the world of soap operas and educational materials, we've got you covered. At Kenya Live TV, we aim to provide you with a seamless and multifaceted viewing experience, all conveniently available in one place.


If you're a fan of live television and radio, look no further. Our platform offers live streaming of your favorite Kenya TV Channels and Kenya radio stations, ensuring that you never miss out on the latest shows, news, and music. With a wide array of channels and stations to choose from, you can tailor your viewing and listening experience to suit your preferences, making sure that you're always in the know about what's happening in Kenya.


For those who enjoy keeping up with the latest soap operas and educational materials, Kenya Live TV provides written updates on your favorite shows and comprehensive guides for KCSE setbooks. Stay tuned for the twists and turns of your beloved soap operas, and gain an advantage in your studies with our educational resources. Our commitment is to keep you informed, entertained, and educated, all through our user-friendly platform. So, why wait? Experience the best of Kenya's entertainment and education by tuning in now.

All of the Channels you will able to watch on this platform are;


Citizen TV
KTN Home
Ramogi TV
Inooro TV
NTV Kenya
KBC Channel 1
K24 TV
KTN News
Lolwe TV
Elimu TV
Kameme TV
Y254 TV
Ebru TV
Romanza TV
Akili Kids TV
UTV Kenya
Mukeu TV
Jambu TV
Lookup TV
Kass TV
Capuchin TV
3 Stones TV
Venus TV
Meru TV
Horizon TV
Voice Of Victory TV
Switch TV
Hope TV
Mutongoi TV
Muugi TV
Spirit TV
Tumaini TV
Raia TV
Njata TV
Heaven Bound TV
Yahweh's TV
Younib TV
Mop TV
Nice TV
New Life TV
Thstone TV
Family TV
KTN Farmers TV
Sayare TV
MTN Kenya TV
Nuru TV
Uvoro TV
Daesak TV
Enchipai TV
Kingdom TV
Elevate TV
Breaking The Limits TV
Elisam TV
In Christ TV
Mutembei TV
Kirk TV
Gikuyu TV
Mzalendo TV
Nissi TV
Alltime TV
Afrobeats TV
Signs TV
Emmanuel TV
Soa TV
Star TV Tanzania
Ark TV
Mwangaza TV
Aljazeera TV
France 24
One Accord TV
Sky News TV
NTV Uganda
World Evangelism TV
Pillar TV
Bukeede TV 1
Bukeede TV 2
Edu Channel
Utana TV
KTN Burudani
Nyota TV
Africa News
His Grace TV
Faith TV
Parliament Of Kenya
My Connect TV Kenya
Destiny Voices TV
Sasa TV
Getembe TV
Kamba TV
Nyumbaiitu TV
Muthingi TV
Favour Of God TV
Tandao TV
Weru TV
Ukombozi TV
Elshaddai TV Kenya
Weega TV
Testimony TV
Repower TV
Truth TV
Helicopter TV
Massa TV
Githima TV
Ndurumeni TV
Goshen Wonders TV
Deliverance TV
Urejesho TV
Goodwill TV
Zoe TV
West TV
Cocomelon Songs
Aviation TV
Oracle TV
Ithaga TV
Mountain Of Fire TV
AfroSports TV
Doxa TV
TV West
Alhuda TV
Mizpah TV
Winner TV Kenya
Salt TV Uganda
TV East Uganda
Urban TV Uganda
Wavetime TV
Mashariki TV
Mamlaka TV
Baite TV
Family Liberation TV
Fire TV Kenya
Maajabu TV
Conqueror TV
Dynamic Grace TV
Clergy TV
Star Africa TV


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